viernes, 6 de abril de 2012

Beyond the lie of good and evil by Basil Atrash

Have you ever thought about absolute good and absolute evil? I have, this is what I concluded across the thought processes within the abyss of my mind; many years ago social life was in a chaotic state within a horrible system, and there were wise men that had nothing to other than to create the concept of a higher power that is absolute that protects good people from the harm of others. However this absolute power needed the dark thoughts of some to create suffering in order to create an enemy for this higher power to combat it, they called this evil and its good counterpart was called God. People were suddenly ruled by others through the thought of a god and they talk spoke as his agents and if you were considered to be evil, god will make you suffer, in essence creating a tool to create order within society. People believed in it in fear of retribution, I personally believe that there's no good and evil there are human creatures, people like you and me, with negative and positive perceptions, how we reflect on one or both of these depends on the incidents and coincidences that we experienced in this life that shaped our philosophies. What lays beyond this lie is nothing but human nature in addition to what everybody perceives their own views as right, defeating in their own sense what is negative or positive. The concepts of good and evil are matters that are in difficult to remove despite they can be changed in theory as it is a part of our human culture. What we can do is fight the idea that people were born good or evil, that falls to the incidents and coincident that they have lived and experienced throughout their lives. Hope however exists as you can still affect them in an indirect discourse.

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